We help our clients to control, preserve and grow their wealth from generation to generation. We provide a comprehensive service, with the clear mission of accompanying and guiding our clients and partners who live in an environment with great challenges and opportunities, and whose aim is to maintain and extend family legacy.

Meridiana MFO LLC is a registered investment adviser.
Registration with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission or any state securities authority does not imply a certain level of skill or training.

¿Why should you consider a Multi Family Office?

We organise and manage family assets, in an integral manner and in accordance with the established medium and long term objectives.

We give greater cost and process control to your portfolio, improving decision making and filtering more and better investment opportunities.

We align and balance your interests, in order to establish objectives and needs that will satisfy the different stakeholders.

We dedicate the necessary time to plan and give you access to exceptional professionals, who help you and give you the confidence of knowing you are working with the best in their field.

Why consider Meridiana?

We are a multi-disciplinary team, composed of financial leaders with over 30 years of experience in structuring, advising, managing and administering both private and investment banks.

Through the use of technology and with the highest standards in security and information confidentiality, we manage and comprehensibly supervise your financial and non-financial assets, allowing you to achieve your goals.

We work hand in hand with leading companies in the financial, legal and real estate (Finca Raíz) sectors, as well as with those suppliers that allow us to guarantee their integral patrimony.

Our regional experience helps us to realize ideas and turn them into development and investment opportunities, understanding the uniqueness of each country in which we operate.

Our values


We believe that simple and clear information and communication is the key to making the right decisions.


We understand the value of historical relationships with the institutions you work with, which should always operate in the best interest of your family and its needs.


Our shareholding structure is composed of families and bankers, in order to achieve independence and alignment of interests always with integrity.


Part of our remuneration may be subject to specific results obtained by the family, as we do not have commercial pressures and do not charge for hidden brokerage fees.

Intellectual curiosity

The interest to learn, understand and know, guides the path of Meridiana and guarantees us opportunities out of the ordinary.

Our team

Meridiana is made up of a group of families and professionals:

  • The families are business people, entrepreneurs and leaders who need to organize, structure and project their future.
  • Our group of professionals has a long history of finding solutions for large companies and family groups.
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